San Diego to Boulder 2016

Slab City, CA

Day 1

Landing in San Diego

Hanging out in Del Mar waiting to meet with the guy from Craigslist.

First time seeing the bike in person. Gary was super hesitant about us riding two up all the way back to Colorado, but he let us anyways. My new adopted father, he checked up on us throughout the trip, and we still keep in touch.

First ride

Arriving in Slab City

Our hotel for the night, we couch surfed in the modern Airstream. Had an amazing night meeting all of the incredibly unique and interesting people of Slab City. We were greeted by a bonfire and a group of what became new friends. We spent the night dancing in the desert.

Day 2

Leaving Slab City

Arriving in the Imperial Sand Dunes near Yuma AZ

The closest I've been to Mexico. We snapped this picture right before border patrol turned around to come harass us.

We found a group of people with these turbo Honda V6 sand rails, we asked them if they'd take us for a ride.

And they did...

Heading to Tucson

Stopped off in Sonoran National Monument

Nightfall somewhere between Yuma and Tucson

With phones almost dead, we write down directions to the restaurant in Tucson we wanted to go to.

Made it.

Day 3

Most of the route from Tucson to Sante Fe was filled with quirky little towns and gas stations.

Somewhere near Socorro NM

Day 4

The last day of our trip (Socorro NM to Boulder CO) was incredibly cold, and we got caught in a snow storm. We eventually found a group of people transporting their rally car from NM to Castle Rock CO. We asked them if they had room for two and a bike, and they did.