Nick Anderson | Freelance Hardware Designer

Do you need a mechanical assembly designed in Inventor? A custom PCB in EagleCAD? I have 5+ years experience designing a variety of products for small startups of all kinds. I'm currently traveling around the country and picking up intriguing freelance opportunities as I go. My home bases are beautiful sunny Boulder Colorado and Brooklyn New York.

I have experience in leading complex projects from conception, through design, sourcing parts and labor, to final production. My strengths are in taking loose ideas for a project, breaking it down into easy to understand pieces, and finding the tools and information needed to make it real.

I'm very interdisciplinary, I have extensive experience with complex CAD models, generating files for manufacture, and managing the manufacturing process. I've designed complex multi-processor control boards, selecting components, designing the schematic, laying out the PCB, and managing manufacturing. I've planned and managed in-house production of projects ranging from small runs of robotic manipulators to hundreds of nodes of an interactive art piece. I also started a business developing drones for open-pit mine surveying before drones were cool.

Currently, I'm focusing on CAD and PCB design work. These are my two strongest skills, and I can crank out beautiful, functional designs, in a hurry. But, if the right project feels like a good fit, I'd be interested in long terms engineering and/or project management projects.

Nick is currently residing in Boulder, CO.